Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vegan MoFo! Day 9: A review of last wkend's Bitchcraft Trading Post!

As I mentioned in this recent post, last weekend I sold my hand-made vegan accessories at the first ever "Bitchcraft Trading Post" event!

Basically, Bitchcraft Trading Post is a collection of Los Angeles-based artists (some professional, some not; some starving, some not) who live in the LA area and know each other. We wanted to have a FREE event where we could sell our stuff without having to pay the huge fee that we would've paid in order to sell at the typical local art fair (ya'll know how I love DIY stuff).

As many of you already know, chooseyourownfoodchain also has a small vegan 'biz called "foodchain." The business consists I make and sell jewelry, re-usable lunchbags, totes, clothing, and more. I make my stuff with only VEGAN materials, so NO fur, feathers, ivory, shell, wool, leather, etc. I also try to use recycled materials as much as possible.

A close-up of one of the reusable lunchbags I sold. Designed and hand-stitched by yours truly. The felt is made of recycled materials, and some of the brown you see is actually from an old skirt I cut up.

I didn't just sell my vegan goods last weekend - I also did something I've been wanting to do for ages: I gave out FREE vegan baked goods. I whipped up about eight dozen vegan cookies and a dozen or so vegan cupcakes, and arranged them next to the stuff I was selling with a sign saying "FREE vegan cookies & cupcakes!"

Why did I do this? Well, it wasn't just a marketing gimmick - I really wanted to show people that vegan food can be AMAAAAZINGLY tasty. I knew that if I charged money for these treats, I wouldn't reach as many people, so I gave them away fo' free. Most people were sort of shy about taking free food, given that pretty much nothing is free these days... One very kind woman even insisted on paying me $1 for a cookie. 

By the end of that day's Bitchcraft event, most of my baked goods had been eaten. Of course, I told *everyone* who ate one that they were vegan, and explained that "vegan" meant that I'd made them without milk, butter, eggs, cream, or any other animal-derived ingredient. Some people who ate these had never tried a vegan baked good before. I like to believe that I accomplished my goal of turning some people on to the idea that "vegan" does not have to equal bland. Happy sigh. True to the Vegan MoFo spirit.

My foodchain table.

Let's talk about the food. Here's a list of the treats I made:

1. Lemon Icebox Cookies
I found this online recipe for raw lemon cookies and decided to give it a go. Loved these! They're basically lemon zest, raw cashews, and agave nectar, so you can eat them for breakfast OR as a treat. My only problem was that I couldn't get them to keep well unless I kept them in the freezer at all times.

2. Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Carob Walnut Cookies
Thank you, Muckford, for providing the basis of this recipe. I've only tweaked it a little bit. 

3. CYoFC-Approved Chocolate Chip Cookies
As I've said, I'm not a huge chocolate chip cookie lover, so I invented a kind that I *do* love.

4. Pumpkin Cookies
These are an all-time favorite of mine. I make them every fall, at least once.

5. Coconut Cupcakes (recipe from Vegan With A Vengeance)
This was my first time making these. Oh my god. They're delectable. Very creamy, and not overly coconut-y. I topped mine with store-bought coconut shavings. Vegan Cupcakes 4 LFE!

The coconut cupcakes, in all their delicious, vegan glory.

The event overall was a HUGE success, too. There were art-makers, there were pizza-makers, there were sangria-makers, there were merry-makers. There were also quite a few people who brought their cute puppies along.

Let's talk about the other vendors.

There were about 20 of them. People were selling potted plants, hair accessories, paintings, vintage items, silk-screened posters, candles, jewelry, mulled cider, pizza, ties, etc. Allison Davidson was selling her photography, Oh Boy Cat Toy was selling buttons, beer kozies, vegan cat toys, "fake messes," and postcards, Lori Jackson was selling potted plants, Rachel Pitler was selling her paintings, Monica Katzenell was selling her silk-screened posters...

...Mignonne was selling hand-stitched baby onesies, Ryn Rina was there selling felt hair accessories, Molly Sullivan was selling vintage purses. Mystic Pizza was selling vegan and other pizza (Mystic Pizza is a covert, one-man operation, making and selling pizzas from his home near Silver Lake/Los can find him @mysticpizzala on Twitter ).  This is just a sampling - let me know if you'd like to be listed or linked to! 

For more info about my tiny, one-woman vegan business, aka "foodchain," click on the "Merch" page at the top, or go directly to my etsy site.

peace & carrots,

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