Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Vegan MoFo! Day 3: Green Thai Curry

Hey there! For my Day 3 MoFo post, I'm going to tell you about the green thai curry I made!

I mostly followed the recipe in Vegan with a Vengeance, but with a few "grad student changes" (i.e., skipping any ingredients that would break my poor grad student bank and adding some ingredients that were much cheaper).

Here are the changes I made to the chile paste:
  • I didn't have fresh lemongrass so I skipped that part. Looking back, I think this was probably a vital ingredient.
  • Rather than grinding coriander seeds and cumin seeds, I used the powder forms of both. 
  • I didn't have fresh cilantro, which was also probably rather important. Need to start growing more of my own herbs. Right now we only grow mint at my house.
  • Didn't have shallots, either, so I used yellow onion. Seemed to be fine.
  • I added an extra Thai green pepper. What? I'm a glutton for heat.

And here are the changes I made to the rest of the recipe: 
  • I didn't use tofu. I ate all of my tofu. Woops. The SO told me that baked tofu probably wouldn't have worked out in a curry dish anyway, although I disagree.
  • I added chick peas. This made me feel better about the lack of tofu.
  • I added eggplant. Eggplant is one of my favorite veggies to work with. 
  • I added some sliced up carrot.

I served the finished product with jasmine rice. One thing I loved about this recipe, other than the ah-mazing taste, is that it made a lot. I'd say this yields about 4 hearty servings, if you make it the way I did with the extra veggies and jasmine rice. Next time, I'll aim to add shiitake mushrooms, too. I think the earthy shiitake flavors would make this even closer to perfect.

Also, I must say, I never realized how easy it is to make your own chile paste. I mean, it's basically just a few types of peppers + spices + water all ground up together. Again, I wonder how this simple fact evaded me for so long? I feel a new obsession coming on.

And now...for the food porn:

Chile paste, just waiting to be added to the coconut milk and simmered into glorious aromas.

Yep, there's some wafting happening up in here.
iViola! A dish that's pleasing to all of the senses.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay tuned for day 4. I've got some good stuff coming up!


  1. Yes, lemongrass is pretty vital in green curry, so do try again once you have it! It can be a pain to find and keep on hand, but if you leave a fresh stalk in water, it will grow roots, and you can pot it up for fresh lemongrass all year! You can also get lemongrass powder at most Asian markets. Cilantro is the same, but dried cilantro is incomparable to fresh. Your meal looks DELICIOUS.
    Happy MoFo-ing!

  2. Thai curry is my favorite dinner. Yours looks delicious!

  3. This green curry looks amazing! AND I actually really like that you didn't have all of the ingredients for the traditional recipe. Sometimes you gots what you gots, and your recipe shows that you can push on and still make something tasty. Kudos to you :)

  4. Food porn indeed. I respectfully disagree with the SO and I think there should be a taste test. Do you notice a theme to my comments? Come over and cook for me, woman!

  5. Hey everyone thank you for the awesome compliments!!

    @Lauren: you should make it! I wonder if I can re-post full versions of recipes from cookbooks if I get permission from the authors? I will check into that...

    @Stephanie: thanks for the lemongrass-saving tip!!! Do you have a blog? Blogger says your profile is private, so I can't tell.

    @mollyjade: Thanks! And I hear you. Pretty much, I could eat Thai-style food every single day and not get sick of it. Especially curry.

    @Cookin'Vegan: Thank you!!!! Yep, it's nice to know that you can follow a recipe without following it 100% - prob helpful to those without the extra cash or without access to vegan-friendly grocery stores.

    @queerveganrunner: Woman, you are slyyyyy. ;) Lucky for you, Mama foodchain is alwayz up for cookin' for people! Let's dooo eeet!