Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vegan MoFo Special Post | How-To Guide: Importing the Blogroll to Your Reader!

Hello MoFo'ers!

I'm making this post for anyone who's having problems with importing the blogroll file into your feed burner/reader. I think it's more difficult this year because there is no longer such thing as Google Reader. I don't know about you, but that's what I used to use, and it was a lot easier and quicker to figure out.

This year I am using Feedly. Here's an illustrated step-by-step guide to help you do it, too!

1.  Download and save the file that Kate posted on the Vegan MoFo site, which you'll find here. Remember where you saved the file (on some computers, it'll save automatically to your Downloads folder).

2.  Set up an account on feedly.com (it takes less than a minute).

3.  On the left side of your feedly page, toward the bottom, there should be a little "..." button. It looks like three little dots. Locate that.

From my feedly.com account homepage.
The three little dots are bottom left, to the right of my name and the word "Upgrade."

4.  Click on the three little dots, and a drop-up menu should appear.
Drop-up menu pictured above, bottom left side. From my feedly.com account homepage.

5.  Select "organize" from the drop-up list. It will take you to the screen shown below.  Click on the grey button that says "Import OPML," which you'll find next to the bolded, black "Organize."
From my feedly.com account's Organize page. Note: I'd already imported the file, so yours won't show the Vegan MoFo 2014 list just yet.

6.  Now you'll click on the grey "Choose File" button. From there, you'll select the blogroll file from whichever folder you saved it in. Unless you renamed it, the file should be called "VeganMoFo 2014 OPML - All Blogs." Select that, click "open." Finally, click the blue "Import" button.
From my feedly.com account's Import OPML page

7.  Ta-Dah!! You have now added the Vegan MoFo 2014 blogroll to your feed.

Trouble-shooting FAQ:

Q1:  "But Megan, I tried that, and I don't see my own blog listed on the blogroll!"
A1:   Oh man, I'm sorry to hear that! I know the folks running Vegan MoFo are working on it. Maybe try commenting on their blogroll post to alert them to the trouble? But wait - are you sure you named it correctly? I know some folks' blogs *are* showing up, but listed as a different name.

Q2:  "I tried commenting on their post, but my comment didn't get approved. What do I do?"
A2:   Sometimes the comments go to the spam folder, in which case, they didn't see your comment in order to approve it. Try emailing them

Q3:  "Megan, why is Choose Your Own Food Chain, this very blog I'm reading now, NOT listed on the feed?"

A3:  I AM SO GLAD YOU ASKED. It's because I missed the sign-up deadline. :( But the good news is that you can still add me to your personal feed list! It's as easy as typing "chooseyourownfoodchain" into the search box on your Feedly's Organize page, but I've also created an illustrated guide to adding individual blogs to your feed. I did that for several of my friends' blogs that - for whatever reason - did not show up when I imported the OPML file.

Q4:  "Why are only three hundred-and-some blogs showing up on my feed, when I know that OPML file contained WAY more blogs than that?" 

A4:  I know, happened to me, too. Wish I had the answer to that one! I think that's another question for the folks at MoFo. I know they are working fervently on solving that one, though. 

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