Thursday, December 9, 2010

Review of Gardein's Seven Grain Crispy Tenders

Ah, vegan meat. My boyfriend and I just tried Gardein's "seven grain crispy tenders." Even though I find the packaging a little annoying, I thought the actual tenders were pretty great. Could use a little salt. Still pretty great, though. J thought it was the best store-bought faux chicken nugget he'd ever tried. We both agreed that Gardein really nailed the breading on these. Nice and criiiiispy!


Oh, and as the company points out (on the package), these little nugs have "ancient grains" in them. Ancient grains. Since when did people start calling kamut, quinoa, and millet by their historical origins? I've been seeing this everywhere lately! Pretty sure it makes us look stupid, as though we don't know much about our food (oh, wait...). And how is it that Gardein has a copyright on kamut? Whaaaat?

But I digress. And I will buy these again.

Waaant moooore. (photocred.)


  1. Their chipotle lime flavor rocks my world. And R's world. She loves them. And when her world is rocked, mine is rocked :)

  2. Yep totally agree that chipotle lime is the best flavor...I would pretty much bathe in chipotle flavored anything if it wouldn't mean I'd be a leper because of my scent.

  3. Okay I will definitely have to try the chipotle lime then. THANKS for the recommendation, guyz. If I had to choose a food to bathe in, it'd probably be hot peppers, which would probably be a terrible idea.