Monday, December 20, 2010

20% Discount for fashion that's vegan and eco-friendly

There's a new company for those who are in the market for some 100% cotton, made-in-the-US, stylish clothing but don't want to feel dirty for buying it.

Ecolissa is a vegan-owned company selling clothing and accessories. All products are 100% vegan, earth-friendly, US-made, stylish, and tend to be made of very comfy materials. 

I particularly dig this skirt, pictured below, which is made of 100% organic cotton.


If you like ecolissa's stuff, but don't have the bank to afford it right now (or if you do and just wish to spend less), I've got a coupon for you! Yep, ecolissa has offered to give chooseyourownfoodchain readers a 20% discount. Even on sale items! (The skirt above is on sale...ya know, in case anyone wanted to get me an Xmas present or something ;)).

The coupon code is: "vegan20"

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Move over, Dov Charney.

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  1. Very cool. I'm loving this idea! Hopefully they don't become too pricey!