Monday, January 10, 2011

Junkaaay Mondaaay Pita Pizza

There exists a junkie in all of us.

I'm sick with a cold (for the first time in OVER A YEAR!!) which means I am pounding lots of health food and vitamins today. However, for dinner, I decided I really needed some junk. It just felt right.

One of the things I love about being vegan is that my concept of what constitutes "junk" is probably still a lot healthier than average. Yep, my pita pizza has whole wheat "crust," no cholesterol, and, best of all, it's cruelty free.

P i t a  P i z z a  C Y o F C - S t y l e


Whole wheat pita bread from Trader Joe's (the regular size)
Arrabiata pasta sauce, also from Trader Joe's
Daiya cheese, mozzarella style
Olive oil

If using a regular oven, preheat it to 375. Otherwise, a toaster oven or your oven's broiler is fine. Drizzle some olive oil over a piece of pita bread and spread it around evenly. Make sure the "back" of the pita bread is facing up (you want the concave bowl shape so nothing spills out). Next, spread some Arrabiata sauce on top. Finally, add a generous sprinkling of Daiya (mine is usually so generous I can hardly call it a "sprinkling"). Bake in your oven/broiler/toaster oven for approximately 12 minutes (less for broilers, more for regular ovens, about the same for toaster ovens). You'll know it's done when the cheese is bubbling and the bread is a little crispy.

I like to top mine with dried, crushed red pepper for an extra spicy kick.

Get yr junk on.

What's your favorite do-it-yourself pizza?


  1. I have been on such an easy DIY pizza kick it's ridic.

    My favorite 2 combinations both use these awesome spicy spinach flatbreads from TJ's as a base

    1) Top with TJ's eggplant garlic sauce, Daiya and mushrooms

    2) Top with TJ's chipotle garlic salsa and gardein chipotle lime tenders.

  2. Ooooh!!!! In which aisle can I find the eggplant garlic sauce? Is it with the pasta sauces or is it more of a tapenade?

    Spicy spinach flatbreads!??? Why have I not seen these in TJ's!??

    I love that one of these options is all chipotle-based. :)

  3. You can find the eggplant garlic spread in the tapenade area. It was one of the key ingredients in the sauce for my toasted ravioli and is really addicting.

    And the spicy spinach flatbreads are a staple for me and are hidden in a corner of the refrigerated area next to the individual pizzas.

    This public service announcement was brought to you by the letters T and J-ha!

    You will thank me for these finds :)