Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just Yr Friendly Neighbourhood Spider (GOAT!)

Oh, what a disappointing morning! I wasn't able to go to Animal Acres to see all of my animal friends. I especially missed seeing the goats - have you ever spent any time with a goat? They are really pretty humorous beings, in part because of their dietary habits. Goats are browsers, which means they'll eat plants and fruits that grow up higher than the kinds of plants and fruits that grazers (such as cows, who eat grass) will eat. They're also quite curious by nature. These two traits combined means that often they'll "taste" things just to see whether or not they're food. I've had goats try to sample my clothing before, and one time, the map that my friend and old roommate, Muckford was holding! Even better, goats like to cuddle! Really, they do.

Even though I couldn't hang out with my goat pals today, I got to watch something almost as good. (Thanks to my friend, Dan, for sharing this with me!). Check out the video of these agile Ibex goats (affectionately nicknamed "Spider Goats") from Italy!

These are actually goats climbing this steep wall! photo credit.

Apparently Ibex goats originate from the Alps and are, obviously, known far and wide for their amazing, spidy-like climbing abilities. Also, they are considered wild (no kidding). Here is yet another video of their climbing, even closer-up. In it, you can see the goat licking the stone wall of the dam (aw), possibly to reach its nutritional requirements for salt.

Did I mention how impressed I am!? photo credit.

Look! It's Shenee and one of the Pygmy goats of Animal Acres!

Got any interesting goat stories? Leave a comment! I want to hear any and all things goat-related.


  1. i like the goats. they're neat. - jason

  2. thanks, jason. i think they're neat, too.