Sunday, April 4, 2010

Interviews: Pulin: Veganism - It's Easy When You Know the (Sad) Facts

CYoFC:  Describe your current diet/lifestyle.

Pulin:  VEGAN.

CYoFC:  For how long have you been vegan?

Pulin:  12 years.

CYoFC:  What prompted you to become vegan?

Pulin:  Animal rights.

CYoCF:  Were there any challenges to becoming vegan?

Pulin:  It's one of the easiest things I've done in my life.

CYoCF:  Do you plan on remaining vegan?

Pulin:  Yes, visit to see why.

CYoCF:  Do you have any tips or advice for new vegans?

Pulin:  Visit to learn more and get free recipes!

CYoCF:  Favorite foods?

Pulin:  I'm flexible, no favorites.

CYoCF:  Describe what the giving-up-cheese process was like for you.

Pulin:  There wasn't a process, I just stopped eating it and that was that.

CYoCF:  One last question. Are you getting enough protein?

Pulin:  Certainly.

Thanks, Pulin!

Pulin, 29, resides in Norfolk, VA. He is the Action Team Coordinator at PETA, and digs soccer, reading, and learning about social justice issues.

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