Sunday, April 4, 2010

Interviews: Ellen: 20 Years of Vegetarianism...and Going Strong!

CYoFC:  Describe your current diet/lifestyle (vegan, lacto-ovo vegetarian, pescetarian, freegan, flexitarian, omnivore with vegan tendencies...etc.).

Ellen:  Lacto-ovo vegetarian

CYoFC:  For how long have you been a lacto-ovo vegetarian?

Ellen:  20 years

CYoFC: What prompted you to become vegetarian?

Ellen:  An animal rights speaker at my high school and one of those nasty documentaries that shows how Mr. Happy Cow becomes dinner.

CYoFC:  Were there any challenges to becoming vegetarian? What about current challenges of being vegetarian, or aspects about lacto-ovo vegetariansism that you don't like?

Ellen:   Initially, I craved tuna hoagies (subs) and steak sandwiches (grew up in Philly). Those cravings went away after a year or so although I sometimes still crave something with a meaty texture—certain types of mushrooms and meat substitutes usually satisfy me. My parents also thought I would perish without meat, but now they’re vegetarians too!

CYoFC:  Do you plan on remaining lacto-ovo vegetarian? If so, what motivates you? If not, what motivates you to change?

Ellen:  Yes, animal rights and environmental costs of meat eating keep me motivated.

CYoFC:  Do you have any tips or advice for new vegetarians?

Ellen:  Learn to cook and invite me over for dinner.

CYoFC:  Good advice. :) Favorite foods?

Ellen:  Avocado, mushrooms, leafy greens, hard boiled eggs, chocolate, ice cream (sorry vegans).

CYoFC:  Are you getting enough protein?

Ellen:  I think so.

Thanks, Ellen.

Ellen, 36, currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. She's a social worker who enjoys hiking, reading, and sarcasm.

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