Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Please Help Amelia the Puppy This Christmas!

Amelia, the Christmas Pup Who Needs Your Help!

They say it's the season of giving...Well, I have a request. Not for me, but for my close friend, Erynne, who has one of the biggest hearts out there. 

Erynne recently adopted her puppy, Amelia, whose medical conditions have worsened rapidly over the last week or so. She's been on and off oxygen, and the vet thinks it may be a dangerous form of pneumonia, considering Amelia's other medical conditions. 

Knowing Erynne as well as I do, I can tell you that she will NEVER give up on this dog, just like I would never give up on my Adelaide, who's had many a costly health issue. (If you've ever had a dog, you know how strong the bond is, especially when you've struggled with the same kind of pain they're going through.) 

This pup is just as sweet as her owner, and would lick your face a thousand times for any bit of help you can give, no matter how small!!! 

If you would like to help out, here's the link for Amelia's Medical Fund:…/amelia-s-medical-fund/281914… 

And if you would take a moment to pass this along, please do! 

Thank you from me, Erynne, Amelia, and all who love them. 

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