Sunday, May 16, 2010

Interviews: Everett: Cheese Research Made Veganism A No-Brainer

CYoFC:  Describe your current diet/lifestyle (vegan, lacto-ovo vegetarian, pescetarian, freegan, flexitarian, omnivore with vegan tendencies...etc.).

Everett:  Vegan

CYoFC:  For how long have you been vegan?

Everett:  about 2 years

CYoFC:  What prompted you to become vegan?

Everett:  I was vegan for 3 years previously (college and post college). Initially I was vegetarian for many years and took an environmental toxicology class in college and also read a bunch of books, Diet for a New America etc. I was convinced by my research that vegan was the choice for me because of the environmental and health benefits.

CYoFC:  I see. Were there any challenges to becoming vegan? What about current challenges of being vegan, or aspects about it that you don't like?

Everett:  Not really except for eating out with non-vegans. I didn't have a hard time with cheese or ice cream once I knew the conditions that most of it is made under and what all animal milks contain. eg. white blood cells, pcbs, hormones etc.

CYoFC:  Yeah, there are a lot of harmful ingredients in dairy that many people don't know about. Do you plan on remaining vegan? If so, what motivates you? If not, what motivates you to change?

Everett:  Yes. Although I recognize it as a process more than an end solution. For example, when I travel to foreign countries I try my best to eat what the locals eat. Obviously this means bending my personal rules at times.

CYoFC:  Sounds like flexibility works for you. Why should other people go vegan?

Everett:  That is for them to decide.

CYoFC:  Do you have any tips or advice for new vegans?

Everett:  Organize potlucks. Make it fun. Learn to cook. Learn to cook. Learn to cook. Get connected with like minded people.

CYoFC:  Good advice. Favorite foods?

Everett:  Indian, Thai, Avocados

CYoFC:  Avocados have that soft, cheese-like consistency - only they contain healthy fat rather than the unhealthy kind! Speaking of cheese, describe what the giving-up-cheese process was like for you.

Everett:  Easy. I decided I was going to then I did. But I would suggest having a very good reason. Once I did all the research cheese actually became a very disgusting substance to me and I didn't want to eat it.

CYoFC:  Understandable. One last question: Are you getting enough protein?

Everett:  Ahhh...The infamous question.  Yes. I guess. I surf, ride my bike everywhere, do yoga, and have good muscle tone.  I feel that I do get plenty of protein.

Thanks, Everett!

Everett, 34, of Los Angeles, CA, is a vegan who enjoys linguistics, languages, surfboard construction, vintage bicycles, motorcycles, and adventure travel.

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