Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vegan MoFo Special Post | How-To Guide: Adding Individual Blogs To Your Existing Blogroll Feed!

Hello MoFo'ers!

Due to popular demand, I've made a second, illustrated How-To Guide for adding individual blogs to your existing blogroll feed! If you first need to know how to import the OPML file to your feed, see my first How-To Guide. Note: This guide refers to using feedly.

It's as easy at one-two-three.

1.  While on the homepage of your feedly account, click on the three dots at the bottom left.
From my feedly.com homepage. See the dots at the bottom left, next to my name and the word "Upgrade."

2.  Click on those dots and select "Organize" from the drop-up list. It's toward the top of the list.
From my feedly.com homepage

3.  Once you've clicked on "Organize" from the drop-up menu, you'll be taken to the screen below. From there, type in the name of the blog you want to add.

Let's say you're trying to add my blog to your feed (which you should, because mine won't be contained in the VeganMoFo 2014 OPML - All Blogs file, as I missed the sign-up deadline!). Click inside the search box at the top right, and just type in "chooseyourownfoodchain." A drop-down list will appear. Click on the one that shows up under the subheading "Sites" (in this example, it's the second one down).

From my feedly.com Organize page

Almost there, I promise.... Now, click on that green "+feedly" button to the right of Chooseyourownfoodchain (or whatever blog name it is).
From my feedly.com account. This is what appears after you click on the blog you just searched for.

You'll be taken to the following screen:
From my feedly.com account, as I show you how to add Chooseyourownfoodchain to your list!

You now have the option of re-naming the blog (but why would you do that? ;)), and selecting which list you want it to appear in. I have checked the box next to "Vegan MoFo 2014," because that is what I named my Vegan MoFo 2014 blogroll feed.

Click the green "Add" button and VIOLA! You've added me (I hope) or whichever blog you've chosen to your feed!

Note: In some cases, you *might* need to know the blog's RSS url. If it's a blogspot blog, it follows the same general format. Mine is:  http://chooseyourownfoodchain.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss
(for other blogspot blogs, just switch out "chooseyourownfoodchain" for whatever the blog name is).

Hope this helps,
foodchain / megan

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