Monday, October 3, 2011

Vegan MoFo! Post #4: Raw Vegan Ice Cream at Home for PENNIES!

That's right. Forget about that $6.99 raw vegan grocery store-bought stuff. You can make it at home for WAAAY cheaper! 

About a year ago, I wrote about making raw vegan ice cream out of frozen bananas using the idea I'd read about on Choosing Raw. This stuff is amazing. Seriously, if you've never tried this before, YOU MUST TRY IT RIGHT NOW. It's everything you could want in a homemade ice cream recipe - fast, easy, cheap, healthy, versatile, and delicious. Oh, and kind of magical.

Anyway, this recipe is a staple of my own personal Barebones Vegan Kitchen, and yet I'd never paused to snap a photo of the finished product - until now.

The frozen banana chunks being whipped into ice cream by the food processor.
The final product. Kinda looks like ice cream, right?

And now you have photographic evidence.

Here's what I do:

-A bunch of bananas

(yeah, that's it.)

Chop each banana into quarters (or whatever) and freeze them. You'll probably want to keep them in the freezer for at least 8 hours, if not longer. I like to keep mine in a re-usable plastic container to keep them from freezer burn.

When the bananas are frozen solid, put them in a food processor and process them until they form a custard-y, creamy texture. You may be tempted to add water at first, but trust me, just let them do their magic. :-)

Eat plain or top with melted vegan chocolate, melted peanut butter, chopped mango, coconut shreds...whatever you love!


  1. Frozen bananas are clearly magic.

    It looks so great in that bowl, if it wasn't already after midnight where I am, I'd throw a bit of my frozen banana stockpile into a blender. :)

  2. MeShell, another nice thing about this recipe, which I forgot to mention, is that you can totally make it for breakfast. You should make banana ice cream to go with your apple pie hummus tomorrow morning!!! (By the way, your hummus sounds AMAZING.)

  3. Wow and you don't need an icecream maker either. And you don't add agave or anything? Great idea!

  4. WoW! I love bananas can't wait to make this one. If It wasn't 5am and I had some bananas I'd be making this now.