Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Need A New Blender, A Mattress, Or Maybe A Yoga Mat? Check Out This Giveaway!

One of my best fellow vegan friends, AJ, at queerveganrunner, is hosting a CNS Stores giveaway! Anyone can enter. Check out her post for the details regarding how to enter this contest. It's pretty simple, I promise, and you can get anything from kitchen ware to fitness gear. 

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If I win, I'm totally going to buy this Kundalini Yoga dvd. Gurmukh of Golden Bridge Yoga (located right here in my home of Los Angeles!) is featured in it. I've haven't (yet) been to a Kundalini class, but one day this summer, when I was "supposed" to be doing other work, I happened across this video she'd posted in which she addresses self trust. This was one of many videos she's posted, some of which feature more guided meditations, others of presentations she's given throughout the world.

Watching this was like peering into an entirely different world, and despite the unfamiliar chanting, Gurmukh's words really touched me.

"No, I haven't seen it yet, but I've already decided to love it." What an awesome concept.

Good luck if you enter the giveaway!

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