Monday, September 20, 2010

Raw Vegan Ice Cream & A Call To Arms

I haven't posted in about a month! It's almost fall now!? Where does the time go? Summer was here just a second ago, I could've sworn...

But enough small talk. Let's discuss more important matters, like ice cream. One of my roommates and I recently made "banana soft serve" ice cream, ala Gena's recipe on Choosing Raw.

And wow.

This is literally the simplest, most delicious dessert recipe I've ever come across.


And it's healthy! Like, really healthy. All you do is peel some bananas, break them up into chunks, freeze them, and then blend them in a food processor. That's it. No need to add any sweetener or thickener or anything. The result truly resembles the texture, consistency, and taste of soft serve ice cream, yet it remains vegan and raw. Really.

Of course, you can add whatever you want to it. My roommate and I experimented with frozen mango chunks, frozen blueberries, and frozen strawberries. We both liked the tanginess that the mango added. I wouldn't recommend frozen strawberries, as they watered down the overall flavor a bit (though our strawberries may've been a little freezer burnt, oops).

Tonight I had dinner with my friends, queerveganrunner and her partner, and they told me that they tried the banana thing last week, too (insert necessary "guess great minds think alike" gush). Anyway, apparently they added peanut butter and topped it with smashed dark chocolate, which they recommended pretty highly. I'd love to hear about others' experiments with this recipe, should you try it, which you absolutely should.

In other news, I'd love your help with getting the word out about chooseyourownfoodchain. For one, I'm always seeking additional people to interview. So, if you know anyone who is vegetarian, vegan, or semi-veg (this includes meat minimalists and flexitarians!) and who might be interested in answering interview questions, please send them my way! You can also "like" chooseyourownfoodchain on facebook, to receive additional updates from my little corner of the plant-based world. Finally, if you're so inclined, please do spread the word about this blog. Let's keep people connected in our collective re-examination of the food chain.

Thanks and happy fall, everyone!

Pumpkin spice and everything nice,

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