Saturday, June 5, 2010

Interviews: quarrygirl: LA's Vegan Food Blogger

CYoFC:  Describe your current diet/lifestyle (vegan, lacto-ovo vegetarian, pescetarian, freegan, flexitarian, omnivore with vegan tendencies...etc.).

quarrygirl:  I am a vegan. I don't eat any animal products, including honey.

CYoFC:  For how long have you been vegan?

quarrygirl:  5 1/2 years

CYoFC:  Word. What prompted you to become vegan?

quarrygirl:  I was vegetarian for a long time, but reading info on PETA's website made me realize I needed to go vegan. I saw one video specifically about dairy farming that broke my heart.

CYoFC:  It's no easy task to watch those videos. Many people shy away because it's just too much to bear. But you faced it, and it completely changed the way you think. Were there any challenges to becoming vegan? What about current challenges of being vegan, or aspects about veganism that you don't like?

quarrygirl:  At first I really missed pizza, but now there are so many great vegan cheeses that it isn't a problem. Eating out at normal restaurants is still hard, because I worry about cross-contamination.

CYoCF:  There are quite a few vegan cheeses! Do you plan on remaining vegan? If so, what motivates you? If not, what motivates you to change?

quarrygirl:  I will be a vegan until the day I die! I can't imagine eating animals again.

CYoCF:  Right on. Why should other people go vegan?

quarrygirl:  For animals, for health, for the environment.

CYoCF:  Do you have any tips or advice for new vegans?

quarrygirl:  Do your best, and don't worry if you accidentally eat something that contains animal products. Mistakes happen, and just always remember what made you go vegan in the first place.

CYoFC:  Favorite foods?

quarrygirl:  sushi, pizza, potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts

CYoFC:  Nothing with actual cheese - what was the giving-up-cheese process was like for you?

quarrygirl:  I'm not gonna lie---giving up cheese was TOUGH. But after a few weeks, I didn't really miss it. Plus, now when I accidentally take a bite of something with dairy, I know immediately because it tastes disgusting. I seriously think eating cheese now would make me sick.

CYoFC:  I think that a lot of vegans would say the same thing! Now, for the oft-asked question: are you getting enough protein?

quarrygirl:  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CYoFC:  Straight from THE quarrygirl herself, ladies and gentlemen! :)

quarrygirl, 25, lives in Hollywood. She has an awesome vegan blog. She didn't tell me to say this, but I am suggesting you check it out! You can also find a link to her blog on my Rockstars and Icons page, because, well, I think she's the greatest thing since shredded Daiya.

tofurobot: the quarrygirl mascot.

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